Be More Marketable
Be More Marketable
Powerful Words.
Masterful Strategy.

Does your pitch have people say, “Tell me more?”  Is your online copy moving people to action?  Do you have a strategy for this thing called marketing?

If you answered No to any or all of those questions, stick around —
I can help.



Can you powerfully answer the question,“What do you do?”

The End of Squishy Language

If not, you need

“The End of Squishy Language”…

4 days of virtual training with exercises, must-dos and must-avoids when it comes to talking about YOUR business or products.

“Greg was amazing at taking my squishy ideas for marketing the launch of my workshop and turning them into a clear, targeted messaged to potential clients!” – Alida Zweidler-McKay, ZMCoach
Words Change Worlds

Choose to speak powerfully.

Don’t Be Boring

Squishy language moves no one.


Without one you will flail.

To Story is Divine

In everything you do, include a bit of you.

In order to stand out you’ve got to connect to ALL of you, and put that into words.

And if words aren’t your thing, we should talk.

When is the best time to bring on a secret weapon to help with marketing copy, nurture communications, or finding your brand voice?


In a noisy world, we have one shot to grab someone’s attention. And getting their attention is the easy partTurning their curiosity into connection is the next critical step. On the page, the stage, or the web, your words serve as ambassadors for your work. Are you happy with your current ambassadors?


If it’s time to talk to someone besides the voice in your head, I invite you to speak to me.

Grab a spot on my calendar for a confab. That’s a casual talk where we discuss what you need — or figure it out if you’re not sure — and if I can help, I’ll let you know. Either way you won’t leave empty-handed.

Grab a Spot!

Below, you will find thoughts on marketing, speaking and life. If you find yourself facing a title that’s more health than marketing, they are still mine. I’ve included some of the words from my last career in health, to give you more examples of my writing. And I’ve curated topics that contain information that is still important in the world of helping woman age in good health.


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