Day 1

Dearest one,

This is day one of an indeterminate numbers of days ahead.

Each minute will present an opportunity to experience the truth of who you are.

The “who you are” that you have felt in the presence of a newborn or listening to music that moves you.

The truth that gets buried under traditional thinking, obligations, cultural norms.

It’s connection that goes beyond proximity or feels.

It’s you connected to all that is; essentially human, elementally divine.

Freer than you can imagine. Creating life rather than reacting to what the days bring.

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?”
~ Rumi, The Essential Rumi

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Day 2

Dearest one,

Yesterday, I referred to “you at your core” and tossed out the words, “essentially human, elementally divine.”

Problem is, I didn’t establish what it means — to me — to be divine; to say “Yes” to a divine wild ride.

Shall we?

After many years of seeking a spiritual home; seen as a wanderer lost — where are my wanderers? — I found home.

It is not a religion, new thought, old system of beliefs, or other structured thing to join or label myself with. Though god knows I tried on many of those options.

What I discovered is… I am always home when I am connected to the truth of who I am.

I am, we are, more than our physical bodies.

We are more than our thoughts and feelings, though these are powerful allies (or liabilities) in our quest to know ourselves fully.

I discovered that my soul’s full expression is easy — life is easier — when I’m tapped into divine energy.

You might call it God, source, the universe, spirit.

No matter, you experience the connection when you are lost in your work, ecstatically exploring the body of another, seeing a blank canvas transform into a piece of art, singing, healing, living wide awake.

Connecting to this divine energy is home, yes, but saying “yes” to who we must become in order to live as divine and experience all we are here to feel and do might require us to leave home, separate from our tribe — just for awhile, maybe forever.

The thing about really saying “Yes” is that you are heading into the unknown and must trust that all will be well.

And it will be. It cannot be otherwise.

So if you are ready to ride with me, I’m glad to have you along.

“Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?” ~ Caroline Myss

Copyright © 2018 Gregory Anne Cox, The Divine Wild Ride. All Rights Reserved.

Day 3

Dearest one,

Today’s note is something to ponder:

Science or spirituality?

Can they co-exist or cancel each other out?

Science is full of practical tools and knowledge for making sense of 3-D life.

Spirituality offers meaning.

Don’t we need both?

The world at large thinks either/or.

Why not accept that both make for a richer experience?

Why not celebrate the intersection of...

Physics and metaphysics?

Knowledge and transformation?

Hard facts and imagination?

Galileo and Gandhi?

Einstein and John the Divine?

What say you?

Let’s discuss it over in the private facebook group for Divine Wild riders.

Copyright © 2018 Gregory Anne Cox, The Divine Wild Ride. All Rights Reserved.