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Round up: The all things online course creation edition

Online courses and training programs are a multi-Billion dollar industry that is not going away. Some of you will already have an online course and know that it allows you to serve more people and contributes to your bottom line without you.


The rest of us may either be in the planning or overwhelm due to an attempt to plan stages, so it’s time to help take the crazy out of course creation and give you some confidence around getting it done.

Getting started means creating a list of things you have to answer from a marketing perspective before you even look at platforms and getting that puppy recorded and launched.

Such as:

  • What is your ideal client hungry for? You’ll get the answer to this by making a list of the most common things you help people with.
  • Do you know if there is a market for what you want to create? How do you get an answer to this one? Ask. Ask the readers on your list a few questions such as;
    • Have you ever purchased an online course?
    • If there was a reasonably priced course that could teach you exactly how to ~insert your service here~ on your own schedule so that when you were done you’d be a better cook/gardener/psychic etc, would you consider it a good option?

If you don’t have an audience or responsive list to offer your course to, I encourage you to begin to build that as you work on your course. It’s a shame to spend all the time it takes to get it done and then have no one to market it to. If you already know you want to launch on a marketplace platform — Udemy is one, vs building it in a course creation software — Teachable is one of these, then you might not need to wait because being part of a marketplace means they do some of the promotion for you to their audience of millions.

Here’s a very important question to answer early on in your course creation:

How will your course be different? If you know who you are in the marketplace, what makes your business unique, then you will use that when you write your course description and copy. And the title of your course has to have a hook. It doesn’t have to be hooky as in cutesy but it has to make people curious. Not this; “How to make your content go viral”.

But this Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content over at Coursera

Okay now I’m turning it over to the people I feel have this course creation thing nailed.

Some of you may know Danny Inythe nicest guy on the internet — is how some people refer to him. I don’t know him personally, but know people who have been his clients and they can’t say enough good about him and his work. He is one of the go-to experts in course creation and he just did a webinar on it. (I’m not an affiliate for anything he might offer.) You can opt-in for a replay on his home page. If you are looking to build your audience he has a freebie lower down on the page along with a couple of others, but I am off track.

You may know Zapier as the company that connects things to other things through apps. You may not know that they produce helpful relevant content, and a week or so ago they published “The 10 Best Platforms to Create and Sell Online Courses.”

Not only do they review them but the article starts by answering the question, “What makes a great online course?”

They do a great job of describing the difference between course marketplaces and course creation software and what each of their 10 recommendations are best for.

They do not cover a couple of platforms that are popular so I’ve included another review of them in case you are interested in Thinkific or building on your WP site.

Meet Adam from the UK, owner of a site called Online Course Show. He is not one of the big content marketing or online SaaS products companies. He’s a dad who used to own a company that produced oyster mushrooms on waste coffee grounds that he sold to restaurants. Why do I include him here is because his is a story more of us can relate to — small business owner, wants to share what we know with more people and make some money while we sleep. He has a section on his site called Online Course School. It’s simple to follow, step-by-step information on all things course creation and launch.

He does a great side by side comparison of the 5 most popular platforms for online course creation and marketing that was updated this summer.

As you can see there are lots of choices and many decisions to make when you plan to launch a course, but the upside is once it’s done you have a revenue stream that does not require you to show up and teach. You do have customer service and always have marketing to attend to, but the hard work ends when you hit “publish.”

And for those people waiting for what you bring to the world it’s an on-demand solution to their pain or problem — and a most likely a more affordable one.


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