Copy WritingDo you love to write?

No? Well, join the ranks of thousands of otherwise smart, creative, successful mission-driven entrepreneurs.

Love to write but don’t have time?

You are in good company with just about everyone.

Lucky for me, I love to write and when I take on a client I make their project a priority on my calendar. Busy or not, I deliver.

And I deliver high quality writing or rehabbing of your existing copy.

The kind of copy that connects with your ideal client or customer and strengthens existing relationships.

Let’s get real here… professional copy, well-written copy, grammatically correct copy — yes, even tweets — add to your credibility. So-so copy will get you by, but it won’t move people to action.

This is especially true when you craft a talk — one of my favorite things to work with you on. Squishy language moves no one. A powerful message, a story that makes you real to your audience, and putting the right elements in the right places — that’s a winning formula for talks and presentations.

What Clients Say

Gregory Anne does magic with words. She skillfully
distills my ideas into gems that beautifully capture
my message, but also express me as the messenger.
As a ghostwriter I understand the challenge this
presents and also how essential it is to making the
connection with my audience.

Max Miller


Here’s what I love to do and do well:

  • Launch copy and strategy. (This includes landing pages, sales pages, the emails and social media posts that support getting the word out.)
  • Product description
  • Product development support
  • Lead magnets (aka Free digital products including ebooks and reports.)
  • Marketing and Business coaching
  • Talk creation or tweaking
  • Messaging and brand voice development
  • About page facelifts (the about page is the 2nd most visited page on a website!)
  • Video scripts


Here’s what I don’t love to do, and therefore don’t do:

  • Press releases
  • Blogging for others


There are two options:

  • Projects (This is for someone who has a single need like an About page, product description, or lead magnet.)
  • Retainer (This is for someone with ongoing writing needs, wants someone on board to run their marketing ideas or questions by, and needs accountability on visibility building activities.)


“I worked with Greg to develop my telesummit landing page copy, and my experience working with her was amazing! She was receptive to my input and timely in her communications and delivered things on time. She wrote the copy and helped my strategize what needed to be on the page and in what order. We got a 40% conversion rate on the landing page! I know I couldn’t have that level of success without Greg.” – Tara Wilder, Envivo Creative