Talks, Video Scripts, Presentation

So many things make up a memorable talk, presentation, workshop, or even a short video. It’s a balance of your content, story, presentation, your energy, and connecting with the audience. Confidence is critical but being vulnerable and real will carry the day if you are prepared.

When you’ve got stage time every word and every minute up there counts. If one of these four areas isn’t stage ready, let’s connect.





Speaker's Ready for Your Stage Blueprint


“The Speaker’s Ready for Your Stage Blueprint”

Success as a speaker is part skill set, part preparation, and part energy management.
What you’ll find here are must-have tips for all three critical areas.



Services available to speakers

“Wow them with your words – Talk titivation.

The word titivate, according to the Oxford dictionary means, (to) Make small enhancing alterations to (something).

Other dictionaries define it as “to smarten, to spruce.” Either way, when we work together on your talk — whether it’s 5 minutes or 60 — I suggest small (or substantial) alterations; we spruce it up, make it smarter. More importantly, we make you someone they want to hear from. Your talk needs certain components. They need to be in the right places. You need to be fluent in your message — how do you want them to feel? What do you want them to walk away with?

This is one-on-one work, and there are two options:

  1. You send me the script, I work to make it amazing, you approve — all done.
  1. You send me the script and I review it then tell you the sections I want you to deliver on video. (Anything less than a 20-minute talk, you’ll deliver the whole thing.) I work on the script to ensure it has all the must-have sections and make suggestions on your delivery. We work this way until it (and you) are powerful and polished.
Scripts for videos
Got marketing videos to create? Even a 2-minute video should be scripted if you want to make your point, get them to take action, open someone up to what’s possible for them. Marketing videos are a breed apart from social ones. Don’t let your videographer sell you a package of videos unless he/she is also coaching you on what to say and how. If they don’t do that, we need to talk.


Grab a spot on my calendar for a confab. That’s a casual talk where we discuss what you need — or figure it out if you’re not sure — and if I can help, I’ll let you know. Either way you won’t leave empty-handed.