Product and Service Launches

Launching a Product or Service is a Big Job, with a Lot Riding on its Success.

Revenue is one thing, and for some small business owners a once-yearly launch is counted on to generate 50% of it. What if it tanks?

The same pressure to get it right is there no matter how many launches you do per year, and each launch is loaded with tasks.

Two things are critical to your success: Strategy and Communication

Strategy & Communication
Product and Service LaunchesStrategy is the who, what, where and when.


Communication includes:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Promotional copy for you and your partners
  • Landing pages
  • The nurture sequence that follows an opt-in
  • Let’s not forget the copy and nurture campaign for those who opt-in but don’t buy.

If you’re great at marketing strategy and copy writing, then you are on the wrong page — but thanks for stopping by.

If your strong suit is your product, your service, and your love of said items — but you need help figuring out the exact strategy or don’t trust yourself to write the kind of copy that moves people to action, then I suggest you schedule a time to talk.

On our call, I’ll help you outline your launch plan so you’ll see more clearly what you need to do and if you can get it done.

The packages below are for those who know they need help.



I’ll design the strategy and give you a step-by-step plan for success — you execute on your own.


I’ll design the strategy and coach you through the launch. This includes:

  • The step-by-step success plan for your launch + my managing the milestones, your team or you, to ensure things get created and happen on time.
  • May include copy editing.

All features from levels 1 and 2 + I will write copy for:

  • landing page
  • opt-in TY page
  • email confirmation,
  • nurture sequence before cart open
  • sales page for the product/service
  • “thank you” page and email
  • partner swipe copy
  • social posts
Boots-on-the-Ground Responsive Launch Intensive

This package is the ultimate in producing the results you are looking for. It includes everything in level 3 plus:

  • Real-time data-crunching and replying with on-the-fly email copy in response to what’s happening after webinars, FB Lives, etc.
  • List segmentation and personalization occur in real time as the launch progresses.

This package requires 60 days pre-launch to establish timelines, needs, ITTT scenarios and copy/content creation.

Big launches require more time and service than smaller ones, and each project is considered unique, so a conversation is the first step.