Be More Marketable

Say It More Powerfully

If I asked you what you do, would you answer confidently, or struggle to find a way to nail it and not sound like every other coach in your niche?

If you answered No but, yeah but,… I’ve got just what you need.

You’re a person with integrity, a coach, a mentor, a guide.

And you are unique.

No one does what you do just the way you do.

Does your writing reflect that?

Do the words on your site, in your emails, and in your offers tell the whole story, give them the inside scoop on your special something?

You need copy that sounds as unique as you are.

The world needs more of what you’ve got, what you bring, who you are. Because you’re better than the ones who took a weekend seminar at the Hyatt and now call themselves “life coach” or “spiritual advisor.”

You do REAL work, you help change lives in real ways.

And it’s not fair for you to fail.

So don’t.

The right words will help you thrive.

  • If you are bored by your writing – I can help
  • If your website isn’t as strong as you know it should be – I can help
  • If you haven’t emailed your list in months because you can’t think of a thing to say — I can help.
  • If you’d rather give up your fully stocked cabinet of Rose than tinker with your tagline or headline, and you’d kill for a reliable, reasonably priced, seasoned writer who gets results — I can help.
  • And I won’t even make you give up your wine (but if you want to share I wouldn’t say “no”.)

“I love working with Gregory. Her brilliant copywriting and marketing strategy has totally resonated for me and helped me to bring in more clients and customers. I had hired copywriters in the past and always had to redo much of the copy to make it sound like me and resonate with my audience.  Gregory saved the day! She has written emails, sales pages, updated the copy on my website. I am grateful to have her trustworthy expertise as part of my team.

Prema Lee Gurreri


Here are 3 ways that I can help you: ↓


A few very important questions for anyone who has a business that relies on customers or clients for revenue…

Does your copy sound like you or do you have sound-alike syndrome?
Does your website communicate what you do, how you do it, and for whom?

By the way, if you can’t easily answer “What do you do?” then the answer to those questions is NO.

Maybe the most important question of all…

Does your copy move people to action so that you get leads and make money?

If you can’t answer those questions with a big fat “YES” or you’ve got some of it down but that last one sucks the air out of the room, book a call and I’ll review what you’ve got that’s not working.

Yup it’s free. Deets will be revealed in the confirmation email once you book.

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