About Greg


Hi, I'm Gregory Anne, but you can call me Greg.

And yes, that’s my real name.

Like any great copywriter, I can find a style that suits you and conjure up the words to match. But my REAL superpower is crafting powerful words and clear messages for coaches, wellness experts, and spiritual small businesses who are in it to help people and make money doing it.

As if by magic.

If that sounds like you, cool–welcome to my castle.


A few things I know are true…(my sooth-sayer told me…)

Your message, your work, your unique way of serving is important, and because of the uncertainty of our days — COVID, unrest, upheaval — as important as ever.

You are unique, and no copy template can capture that.

Your time is precious, deadlines are real.


        Your copy and marketing should sound like you–the real you–and speak the language of your ideal client.

In order to capture that, all of my writing begins with research.


The Wayback Machine

Gregory Anne Cox Column

My first freelance writing job for an advertising industry trade rag paid .25 per word. Even though I had NYC rent to pay, I didn’t care; I had a byline and a monthly column.

I’ve been doing this entrepreneur thing for 20+ years. I’ve had W-2s at times. Creating the first heart-healthy, quick food restaurant in San Diego was one, and when I said “Yes” to managing a private island with a Downton Abbey vibe back here on the east coast was another. Food and hospitality were my first loves and my first career.
But it wasn’t all food, all the time.

Consulting for food concepts looking to break into the market, required not just food knowledge but the skill to craft enticing food descriptions, telling the unique story of the concept, and designing a strategy to get the word out and drive growth.

In short, I’ve been at this marketing and writing thing in one form or another for a very long time.

I wouldn’t be telling the whole story if I didn’t include my detour away from writing into the world of health and lifestyle coaching.

On the day I woke up and realized I couldn’t cook another meal I had no idea what else to do. Coaching showed up, I eased in, learned from the best, and hung out my shingle.

These are my brands…

Midlife With A Vengeance
Wealthy Wellness Coach
 Rebellious Wellness
And this is my book…
Your Genes Do Not Determine The Size of Your Jeans
Along the way I followed a dream and learned to speak and sell from stage. For me, whether I have 5 minutes or 50, it’s all about the story and connecting with the people in front of me. I’ve sold out offers and had stampedes to the back of the room.

Whether you are speaking from a (virtual) stage, writing an email, or selling your products or services online, each of those things needs clear, compelling copy designed to move your people to action.

If you’re a speaker looking to get there…

…I’m happy to help.

I love…

backyard fire pits

I have walked across a fire

But would rather eat fire than S’Mores.

I’ve been involved in personal development since I was in college. No one ever told me my person was going to need so much development or I might never have started. But mindset is a critical piece of the success game, so I’m glad I stuck with it.

I’m thoughtful but willing to say what needs saying to move the thing forward because squishy, squid-like language moves no one. If you want to learn more about squid syndrome, head over here to my Say It More Powerfully mini-course.

Not on my resume…Disco Ball

I was arrested at 17 in an English castle, said “No thanks” to a job offer from a zillionaire famous person in the name of sanity, worked for a dozen zillionaire famous people on my own terms, written and published 2 books, made and lost lots of money, never read Harry Potter or seen Hunger Games, enjoyed the ‘80s with rigor and still wonder what in the world needed ironing before I headed out to Studio 54 that night.

Oh, and I own a disco ball… and know how to use it.

If you have copy that needs optimizing so it works to move them to “yes” or you are in creation mode and want professional copy for a landing page, sales page, opt-in page or freebie, consider me your girl.