Are You Prepared?

Preparedness for all sorts of disasters is popular. Preparing–“prepping” as it’s called–for social collapse, terrorism, the apocalypse, environmental disaster, the big “it” is hotter than ever before. “The number of preppers in the U.S. has absolutely exploded in recent years.  It has been estimated that there are now approximately 3 million preppers the United States, and “Doomsday Preppers” is currently the highest rated show on the National Geographic channel” according to (I’m citing the place I got the quote from not in any way promoting it.)

Prepping for disasters of this magnitude is not my thing but being prepared for success is. What follows are 5 places where preparation pays off in your business.

Not only will it save you stress it will signal the powers that be that you are ready to receive what you say you want.

  1. Have a clear message. Why is this something we must prepare and craft? If we are out in the world meeting people with the idea that a client might show up anywhere or a joint venture is born when two complimentary businesses bump into one another then knowing how to explain your uniqueness is critical. When we stumble or stammer or sound like everyone else, it’s not likely we will attract someone looking for a leader or a solution to their problem. The field is crowded! Stand out.
  2. Have a system for new clients. When someone says
    Yes” what do you do to welcome them? Do you have a contract, a credit card authorization form, an intake form? I’ve spoken to plenty of coaches who say yes but when I ask them to send them to me to review it seems the dog broke in to their computer and ate their files. Nothing says ready for business to the universe than having the basics on hand, ready to go. If you received an intake form from your coaching program but don’t resonate with parts of it, rewrite it. If you don’t use a contract or cc auth form I suggest you do. It’s professional and it protects you.
  3. Know how to make your offer and successfully ask for the sale. This is a whole lot harder than crafting your message or tweaking an intake form but it’s critical. Fact is, if you can’t do this you don’t need the other things. The difference between having 10 conversations and bringing on 2 clients and bringing on 7 clients adds up. Let’s just use the number $1000 to make it easy. If each client is worth $1000 to you then the difference between 6 clients and 2 for every ten conversations is $4000. Ouch. There are many great sales teachers out there. If you want some recommendations send me an email.
  4. Walk your talk. Nothing says disconnect more than someone who selling health or life coaching who looks exhausted or more than a little overfed. And if you are not dressing as well as you could, haven’t had a good haircut in years, or are just plain low energy you are sending a louder message than your words will by your presence. This takes preparation in the form of every day habits, some for the body, some for the mind, all for the good of your life and your business.
  5. Expect success, prepare for it. It’s one thing to say “I want to, am going to, earn 6-figures” affirmation like and another to find out who you have to be to get there and do the daily actions need to have that result. Expectation is both energy and mindset rooted. Low energy, lack of enthusiasm, going through the motions, are not states of expectancy. It’s work to keep the mind in a place of expectancy, faith, conviction. What are you reading or listening to each day to prepare the mind to stay in expectation when your results are telling you to quit?

There are many other ways we plan for success. Having support, improving skills we know will increase our value, and having a plan to begin with, to name a few.

Auto, health, and homeowners insurance are three more smart prepping options  that cover your butt in the category of disasters that might never happen.

We all do most of these at least. Why not add prepping for success to things we cover our butts with? Prepping for success with the ideas above means serving more clients and banking more money. And those sound like way more fun than planning my fall out shelter and canned food supply or worrying about “the big it.”

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