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On my summit last year, The Great Speakers Debate, I hosted 19 experts in all aspects of the speaking world. I’m including two of those interviews here. I’ve also included my Speaker’s Blueprint. It’s an infographic on what to do to get speaker-ready for an event or in general.


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#1: The Great Speaker’s Debate Interview with Larry Winget 

Known as the pit bull of personal development, Larry is one of the highest paid speakers on the circuit today. He has been a mentor for a few years, and he brings the no-nonsense approach to becoming a speaker and getting paid to speak.

Larry Winget

#2: The Great Speaker’s Debate Interview with Steve Lowell

Steve Lowell is one of Canada’s top speakers, and he has been my go-to person when I need to nail a talk with a paid offer. In this interview, Steve uses one of his students on short videos to exemplify his 3 stages of speaking proficiency. It’s full of practical advice you can begin to use in your speaking—both online and offline.

Steve Lowell


#3: The Speaker’s Ready For Your Stage BlueprintSpeaker's Ready for Your Stage Blueprint

Success as a speaker is part skill set, part preparation, and part energy management. What you’ll find here are must-have tips for all three critical areas.

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