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Take the hassle out of subject lines, Create lead magnets with pulling power, and Ditch the words and phrases that dilute your writing, speaking, and sales.



QuestionsThe majority of entrepreneurs, and traditional businesses spend more time communicating in writing than in person. Even a video script or other talk has to be written before it’s introduced. A comic or cartoon is written first, even Facebook Lives are often bulleted out before hitting Go Live.

Many entreps, ( those without staff to do the writing,) struggle with what to say and how to say it so people notice and engage.

There are 3 things I get asked about over and over:

  1. How do I know what to say in a subject line to get them to open the email?
  1. My freebie isn’t working, no one opts-in, what’s wrong?
  1. I’m not a natural-born speaker, what do I need to know?

I decided to put the answers to all 3 questions in three simple-to-digest-and-use trainings, called…

The Write It and Say It More Powerfully Bundle:

3 Short Lessons That Will Take the Fear and Loathing Out of Writing Your Headlines, Talks, and Free Offers

If you want to increase your effectiveness as a writer and speaker, you need:


Subject Lines That Move People To Open


The Anatomy of a Lead Magnet that Converts

The Boring, Distracting, Meaningless Words to Ditch NOW



Gregory Anne CoxI have been writing, enjoying above average email open rates, and seeing consistent conversions from free my offers for years. Let me share my tips and suggestions so this critical piece of your marketing can be a bit easier.