Feeling Your Way Into a Dream Year

How do you want to feel tomorrow?

…Next week?
…Next month?

Wild RideWhen you look at your goals for 2018, for tomorrow and next week and next month, will they do it for you?

Will achieving them give you the experience of the feelings you crave?

Did you write your goals based on becoming your most loving-life, fully expressed and engaged self?

Are you in there somewhere?

It’s easy to go for normal: More money, less weight, more business, less stress, more or less, more or less.


I’ve yet to make that list, and here it is the 4th of the new year. I’m still working up the nerve to not put things on my list that others will expect to see. And digging around for the internal fire to include a few scary but powerful-for-me goals that will allow greater expression but take many followers by surprise.

If I go there, to the uncomfortable but imperative ideas, this will lead to the kind of experiences I want to have.

What about you? Are you enthusiastic about what you plan to do with your precious days and hours in the new year? Do the actions needed to get to the goal excite you? Will they keep the fire burning long after the initial excitement is gone?

Enthusiasm is rooted in the words for “divinely inspired” and “possessed by a god.” You won’t find it outside of yourself; it is divine, found within.

Goals should ignite enthusiasm. If yours do not, then maybe it’s time to get acquainted with your divine drawing board and settle in for a rewrite.

“A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.” – Mary Kay Ash

Your goals don’t have to be lofty or revolutionary — but they do have to light you up.

AND, they have to include you; how you operate best. Do you have the energy needed to get there, the lifestyle, the skills? Are these goals going to make use of what you are good at? Marcus Buckingham says “You grow most in your areas of greatest strength.” Yes — acknowledge what skills you don’t have, and if you need them to grow toward your desired outcome, then get them.

In The Firestarter Sessions, Danielle LaPorte talks about enthusiasm this way: “Enthusiasm is the genuine Yes! that will uncork your genius, signal your muses to come down, and magnetize the resources you need to be within your reach. Enthusiasm is the beautiful beginning that changes everything.”

The beginning.

Right where we are now.

We are either poised for a year of the normal ups and downs welcomed and anticipated for the ways they will give us the divine wild ride we are hoping for. Or, we will go along for the ride, come what may, hoping for a happy ending.

Knowing how you want to feel and enthusiastically heading in that direction will make all the difference.

We’re all on a ride of some kind. I’m enthusiastically going for wild and divine.

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