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The End of Squishy Language

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Ditch Un-hearable Words and
Connect to Your Ideal People

Thank you for your interest in my mission to eradicate squishy, same old, ineffective language. Not to mention that I am here to help people connect to their people, and to do that you have to be heard.

This mini-workshop will not only teach and give examples of unbearable words and phrases and what to say instead, but it will give your words bones and power.

Before I send you the first module of this 3-module mini-course, I have a little homework for you to do. It will only take about 10 minutes and will set you up for using what I'm going to share.

Squishy Language

The first thing I have always done with clients is ask them to
take stock
of where they are. This will answer that question.

Tomorrow, we'll get started with squishy and un-hearable vs. engaging and connecting kinds of messages.

Here's to becoming more marketable,

Gregory Anne