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​​​Boring, Distracting, and Meaningless WORDS to Ditch Now!

Are you using these common Boring, Distracting, and Meaningless WORDS?
I can answer that: you are!
And now is the time to find out what they are... and DITCH them.

Listen up, entrepreneur —
You may offer products and services,
but you are also in the business of WORDS.


We talk about our shizzle... people who we hope will be interested.

We write for our list and social media.

Facebook lives, sales scripts,
product descriptions, sales pages...

WORDS make up a huge percentage of marketing and selling.

Powerful Words

​​​​Powerful words move people; can change worlds.

Sloppy sentences and filler WORDS move no one.
Yet the world is full of common fluff, filler, and phrases that mean nothing.

Get this:

If you don’t learn which WORDS to ditch now and forevermore, you stand a good chance of losing a prospect or having that audience member pick up their phone to look for something more interesting.

Harsh. I know, but it’s true.

You are minutes away from having access to a comprehensive list of the WORDS and phrases that are un-hearable, annoying, distracting, and just plain stupid.

Words to Ditch

Even if you pride yourself on great grammar and are a confident speaker, you’ll likely find a few WORDS or phrases that once eliminated, will make your writing and speaking that much better.

Grab the list now!

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