Live Virtual Workshop:

3rd Annual “Have a Hell of a Holiday Season without The Usual Holiday Hell”

Hell of a Holiday Webinar
Exhaustion… bloating… moodiness… the holiday 5-7-10… bags under your eyes… feelings of madness… lack of enthusiasm… and finally, around 12/31 a good case of the f**kits for any kind of celebration and excitement for the year ahead.
You just want to sleep.
Let’s back up a bit.
What would holidays be without traditional goodies, the fabulous parties, and the hustle and bustle of the season?
In a word…


None of us wants that!
Holiday TreatsAnd for some of us, the speeded up-tempo of the holidays feeds our inner super woman.
We will get it all done and we will enjoy it — damn it! (This is soooo me.)
Not so fast, Super Babe… rushing through all the activities, parties and traditions that make up this time of year makes it all too easy to over-indulge and under-appreciate all of the delicious.
Multiple parties, tins upon boxes of baked goods, and long hours spent slogging through the mall can turn anyone — even the most dedicated of health nut — into an exhausted, sugar-busted, puddle of guilt.
Guilt and its siblings are not pretty, and they don’t wear well when it’s party time — so how about joining me for a fun webinar complete with downloadable cheat sheet* on how to put the JOY back in enjoying the holidays?

On Wednesday, November 30th at 7 pm EST,
join me for the top tips that will get you from there to 12/31 and beyond ready to face the new year without adding more weight, (well maybe just a little, but you’ll know exactly how to get rid of it,) more regret, or more guilt-induced stress to your life.

Ok Greg, I’ll be there because I can’t wait to have
the most delicious holiday season ever!

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*Your cheat sheet includes “eat this/not that” party food suggestions.

“See” you on the webinar!