It's not you, it's me

He was all Brook’s Brother’s suits and classic preppy pink shirts. He loved a stiff drink, a rowdy crowd, and had the swoon-worthy scent of sandalwood aftershave.

I was hooked.

He was all wrong.

We married anyway.

I refer to it as my starter marriage, like a starter home without a solid foundation.

Eighteen months later we divorced, amicably. Not conscious uncoupling exactly, (he snuck into my apartment and stole the Ralph Lauren plaid blanket. #notfair,) but we were civil.

Each of us was good people we were just not the best for each other.

Which brings me to us — you and me.

But it’s not like we’re married…

Yet something’s been on my mind for about eighteen months now, way too long to not have said something earlier. (Trust me, I know from experience. See above.)

You’d think I learned…

You’re on this list because at some point our paths crossed and you said “yes” to an offer I made.

I stand by that offer, but what I did in the early days of Be More Marketable was to serve too many types of people.

  • Corporates
  • Photographers
  • Creators
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • ...And damn near anyone else I thought I could help.

Just like we all do at some point in our business.

But recently I did some work with a brilliant strategist. I liken him to a brain surgeon who performs psychic surgery — no knives — and I was awake the whole time.

(That’s totally a real thing. More about this in an upcoming email.) He helped me discover my ideal client.

The one I’ve been serving all this time but never quite announced. And I never said “This is my kind of people.”

The type of person where I get to use my strengths and 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, to support them with the best of my skills and support.

And it's time I spoke up.

If you are a coach or have a business in personal development, wellness, or spirituality, YOU are my people.

Especially if this is your second career.

(maybe with less sharp teeth though.)

But here’s the thing.

I don’t want to work with people who just “call” themselves coaches…

I want to work with people who ARE coaches. And who know they are damn good at what they do — and want to do more of it.

People who are clear about their offers and services, and just need more help selling them.

People who are great at what they do, but just need a little more help with their copy, website, emails, and video scripts.

And people are smart enough to know they could use help, and aren’t afraid to invest in themselves or their business.

This person may be you.

Or it may not.

If it’s not, maybe we go our separate ways. (But I’m keeping the damn Ralph Lauren Blanket!)

And if it is you?

Stand by.

Because your inbox is now going to be a place you go to learn, shop, and be delighted by what shows up.

Because I’m back, I’m clear, and I’m ready to kick some ass.

Click here if you want a sneak preview

You with me?


P.S. Did I ever tell you about the two weeks I was in a cult? More on that in my next email.