I’m on my way to see a bull with polio.

The subject line isn’t click bait. It’s hiding a lesson in communication.

IllustrateMost of us don’t have bulls, (if you do, please send a picture of him,) but that sentence provoked an image anyway, didn’t it?

Our chicken vet is mostly a large animal vet who has a soft spot for all creatures great and small. Recently, we needed him for our flock. He told us what time he’d arrive, and four hours later he still hadn’t shown. I reached out by text.

Rather than a bland “Running late,” which I already knew, he replied “I’m on my way to see a bull with polio.”

In ten words, he conveyed urgency and excused the brevity of the message. I did not know that bulls with polio need thiamine asap or they decline rapidly, but his words painted a picture and I understood that we were not next in line.
All with ten words.

What has this got to do with writing or communicating powerfully in your business? It’s an example of making your words count.Our attention spans are short and the competition for your readers/potential clients eyes and ears is fierce.
Whatever your service or product, be concise and paint a picture.

“I help people lose weight so they can love themselves in their body” becomes, “In 72 hours your cravings will be gone — and so will the self-loathing.”

“I work with women in overwhelm who want to reconnect to their passion” (mercifully) becomes, “There is no room for overwhelm when you are fully connected to your passion.”

One more: “My clients experience financial freedom, love, happiness, and all the good things in life after working with me.” How about “When you work with me, you make money your bitch so you can have what matters most.”

(Well maybe bitch isn’t your style, insert whatever word suits but I hope you get the gist.)

Words change worlds, move people, and for the most part they are still how we get a specific idea across. A clear idea of what you want to convey, coupled with some time spent finding the right words and way of stringing them together, makes all the difference to a business and a life.

“Words, in my humble opinion, are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have.” – Harry Potter

Next time you sit down to write, imagine you have the power to create magic.

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