(Interview) Ash Ambirge, Radical Self Reliance, and her new book

What’s new in your world?

As promised a couple of weeks ago I’ve got something new to share, it’s the Mavens of Marketing interview series.

Maven; noun, an expert or connoisseur.

Why an interview series? Because I think talking to someone I admire and can learn from is a whole lot more engaging than just reading their stuff. I want to know not just how they do what they do; there are plenty of lead magnets that will fill me in — but what’s been hard, what they’ve learned, what, if anything changed their plans along the way.

And I want to give them props by sharing them with you and my peeps on social.

So when Ash sent an ask to her list to be interviewed and help her launch her new book titled, The Middle Finger Project, (also the name of her biz) I jumped at the chance to launch my series with her unique brand of smarts. Even if I’d not been looking to get Mavens going, I’d have jumped at the chance to have face-time with her. If you are not familiar with Ash, how do I describe her?

Generally potty mouthed* but kind, honest but direct, an expert in all aspects of being an entrepreneur, (from trailer park to multi-million dollar biz kind of expert), generous with what she knows, irreverent, hilarious. You’ll have to check out her site and read some blog posts to get what I mean.

But this email, this interview, is all about THE BOOK.

And in case you look at her pic and think, “Oh, she’s young, there’s nothing to see here for me,” rewind that thought because I read the book and this girl’s wisdom is not ageist. Not targeted to “young people,” though you will hear her talk about careers, jobs, and quitting those.

We talk about it during our chat. (No opt-in required)


  • Quitting = an upgrade
  • Be your own authority
  • Choose yourself
  • Money is the first place imposter syndrome shows up

Every good idea is offensive to someone. That’s the nature of good ideas, they change things.

I’m not an affiliate for the book — click away, no conflict of interest.

And there is no opt-in required for the Mavens series to my readers.

Grab the book (that link will give you a free chapter is you need a taste of Ash) if you want some honest advice on what it takes to be all of you in business, and laugh your butt off while reading. Her story, speaking about her mom who she lost all too soon, requires tissues. There is so much to recommend.

Mavens will appear monthly in the middle of said month. If you know someone you’d like me to consider, hit reply and make your case.

Next week I’ve got a round-up planned and a sign-up opp for the Message Training.

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