Marketing Message Makeover

85% of all coaches and entrepreneurs do NOT have a clear answer to the question, “What do you do?”

Do You?


Do you have a mess of words competing to get out, or a clear message that expresses your unique way of doing what you do?

Money on the TableIf you change what you say each time you say it, then you aren’t saying it with confidence.

And without confidence you don’t get clients.

How much money are you leaving on the table because you sound like everyone else?

I guarantee it’s more than you think.


Introducing the Marketing Message Makeover.

What's Your Message?We can fix this in one session, but I’m going to give you three.
Why? So you can really dig deep and craft a message that expresses you authentically — not just a phrase or sentence you’ll get tired of next month.

In order to embody it, you have to practice it, so we’ll role play so you can get comfortable saying it out loud to someone.

Without this important first-impression conversation piece, you will find it much harder to engage potential clients than it needs to be.

By the way, this is only one part of the first impression, so you’ll get a checklist of things to do to make that best first impression.


Here’s what you get in the Marketing Message Makeover:

  1. The first call is 45 minutes and based on an assessment, and some homework you’ll do before we get started. This call is where we dig deep to find out your unique characteristics and value in a very crowded marketplace.
  1. The next call will be 30-mins each. In each call we’ll refine what you come up with or move on to using it and getting comfortable and confident because you KNOW your value and how you are different.
  1. All calls are recorded and are yours to download.
  1. This is one-on-one, all eyes on you, private coaching with me.


ConfidenceSpecial pricing for your private message makeover is just $297  FREE for SSSM program members!

Why would you wait? If you know you aren’t clear, or are struggling to figure out what you do that’s not like everyone else, I’d grab one of the spots now.

You meet people every day who are potential clients don’t you? Speak from a place of confidence knowing and they will respond.

And you will make money. Now we’re talking, right?

If you’d like more information, just email me your questions at

To your success,