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Message Masterclass:
Unlock what makes you unique and craft a pitch that sells.

Do you dread that moment at a networking event when it will be your turn to “pitch” your business, wondering how in the world you’ll stand out and grab the attention of your ideal clients?

I get it, I’ve been there, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying and perfecting the art of the pitch, the magic in a powerful message. And if you’ve got 30 minutes, I’ve got a training that will give you the inside scoop so you can craft your perfect pitch.



You Are Not a Squid!

Well duh, Greg.

No, check it.

There are a gazillion places to look if you are not getting the business you want — and so desperately need. And nothing says crickets like using squishy, squid-like language to describe what you do.

The End of Squishy Language

Squishy language is vague, boring, and sounds like everyone else. The worst part? It moves no one and moving people, to act, to buy, to opt-in is the goal... right?


Here’s what I cover and walk you through:

What your pitch at a networking event should and shouldn’t contain.

Words and phrases that make you unhearable to your potential clients.

How to figure out what it is that you really do, so you can say it powerfully and stand out from the crowd.

These 3 things can change everything for you by making you clearer, more confident, and more engaging to those you most want to serve.

Whether you have 30 seconds or 90 minutes, how you describe what you do and who you are will have you stand out, or forever fade into the boondocks of the uninspiring many who are happy to wing it.

Not you... you were made to soar!

Gregory Anne Cox

Be More Marketable is in the business of writing copy and crafting messages for businesses that want to stand out.

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