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That beautiful website you worked so hard on and checked 12 times for glitches before launching harbors a sleeping saboteur. For reasons unknown and mysterious, what once worked will break. And you don’t even have to be in the room.

That perfect image you finally found for your best blog post this month will, instead of the sun glinting on the sea, appear with a blank rectangle framing a question mark.

No sun. No sea. Fail.

Broken links, missing images, videos that won’t play and products you no longer offer but live on your site all have one thing in common: they drive people away from you, but first they annoy them.

One way to sooth the sting of those frustrations is to get creative with your 404 or “error, page not found” page.

Do you know what yours looks like right now? If you do, is it branded?

If yes, you get an A for effort — and there is more to do.


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