Monthly round up of marketing tips and strategies

This month marks the first of what will be a once monthly — for now — round-up Muse. The survey I offered a couple of weeks ago told me that there are a broad range of things you want to learn or hear about, but three took the top spots: Social media, marketing tips, and sales. Next in line was business coaching. I’ll be covering these ideas when I write and I want to share pertinent ideas, strategies, and tips from the writers and companies I learn from and follow.

So the 3rd week of each month will be round-up week and will cover the above topics as well as anything else I think you might want to know and/or just have fun with.

Today we’re starting with a free download from Post Planner about Facebook, since 95% of you have a presence there and would love to know what’s going on behind the scenes regarding engagement and reach. Post Planner is a content management and automated posting platform. Super-easy to use and the regularly publish helpful information on all things social. Inside the Facebook Algorithm, Everything You Need to Know About How the Facebook Algorithm REALLY Works!

Next up, business building strategy from a successful, truly heart-centered business coach, George Kao. George is a champion for generosity in business and honesty in marketing, instead of the salesy or predatory tactics that we have all experienced as consumers. His business is built on authentic connection and value. This is to say, he has products and programs and regularly makes offers, but without all of the marketing on overdrive that others rely on. If you don’t know him but run a more heart-centered biz, you would do well to follow him. For any of you who struggle with the push marketing so many gurus are promoting, check out his 10-year plan for authentic business. It’s a refreshing change.

Here’s a bit of marketing info everyone can benefit from:

Testimonials and data or statistics are two ways we build trust in a prospect. Sure there are others, like social proof, awards, certifications and such, but many of the clients I coach are missing the boat on what a good testimonial is and isn’t. Hint: Longer is never better and “Jodi did such an Awesome job!” is not what you are looking for. This article from Orbit Media lays it all out and includes examples of those that work and those that just sit there.

And finally, something most of us would rather ignore, but head in the sand is not a sound strategy and can end up costing you money. I speak from $750 worth of experience in the form of a fine many years ago for using a screenshot of an image owned by Getty. I was young in biz and had no idea it was illegal to do that — and guess who didn’t care?

Privacy laws are getting serious in the EU (European Union), and here’s why should you care:

Unless you can ensure that no one within the EU will ever opt[in or buy from you, this is something you’ll need to prepare to comply with. Most of you reading this don’t have Etsy stores, (those of you who do, feel free to head over to my Facebook page and post a link to your store; tell us about your creativity,) but this article is simpler to follow than the many others I read before finding it. And everything in here can be applied to any business that offers anything online.

Hope you find these helpful. I subscribe to a few businesses who do round-up emails and find them super-helpful in a targeted way.

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