If you hate to plan, or plan but don’t get the results you want…
if you would like to believe that “2019 is my year,” then this live class is for you.

Ditch Resolutions, Set Goals in a Whole New Way and Get What You Want in 2019!
Make a Plan

Even if 2018 was your best year ever,  I believe you can learn a few things on this call. And if you feel you’d like to erase last year from your mind, then don’t miss this live class — unless of course you’ve already devised a new way of doing you, doing business, being healthy. Yes, this call will help with anything you have in mind to change or get better at in this shiny new year.

On this free webinar you’ll learn:

  • The mind hack that will get you to your goals without making a plan
  • 7 scientifically proven strategies you can use to create goals you will want to accomplish
  • Why thinking big and lowering your expectations can live side by side in your life

Some of you may still be recovering from your holiday marathon and feel you’re not quite ready to get back into action. This could be the nudge and inspiration you need. Hey, it’s time. Don’t think it’s too late to make a plan — there will never be a perfect time, you’ll never “find some time” later on; something “more important” will always come up.

You and I both know the most successful people don’t let feelings or circumstances stop them from doing what it takes to have the life they want.

And one thing it takes is learning to plan and track results. My goal is to help you find a way to do it so it feels good and works.

Let’s do this;

Monday, January 14th, 2019 at 4pm EST. we’ll be live on Zoom.


As soon as you register your seat will be confirmed. The link for the class will be sent to you the day before, and a reminder sent the day of.



“See” you on the webinar!