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#1: Videos from the More Life Series

Dr. Dan Kalish

Dr. Dan Kalish of the Kalish Insitute is one of the smartest and most down-to-earth functional medicine docs I know. Beware, he’s plain speaking and won’t sugarcoat the truth. Sometimes the truth pisses us off. My kind of guy. In this interview we  talked about what it takes to age drug free and fully alive to any age.

Dr. Dan Kalish

Dr. Richard Shames

Dr. Richard Shames, is a thyroid expert and author, with his wife, of the book, Thyroid Mind Power, The Proven Cure for Hormone-Related Depression, Anxiety, and Memory Loss. Dr. Shames has been a long time go to expert on the subject of thyroid health and testing. Did you know that one out of every 4 menopausal women is suffering from some kind of thyroid issue? You might think it’s all about weight gain and cold feet, but your brain and heart also need optimal levels of thyroid hormones to function at their best. Listen in and learn about this, testing, and more.

Dr. Richard Shames


#2: Audio Recording from The Missing Midlife Manual Summit

Dr. Sue Morter

Dr. Sue is one the leading voices in world of practical spirituality. She’s also a fascinating human in the way she bridges spirituality and science. I have learned much from her over the years about being a soul having a human experience. This recording is from one of my Missing Midlife Manual Summits.

Dr. Sue Morter


#3: The Rebellious Wellness Smart Shopper’s Guide

Take the guess work out of healthy food shopping!

  • What does organic really mean?
  • Can a fish be organic?
  • Are all organic chickens happy and healthy?
  • Are all big companies created equal in terms of truth in labeling?

These are just a few of the many questions that are answered in TRWSS Guide.

In addition there’s a pantry staples guide that covers dry goods, fresh, and frozen foods so you’ll always have food on hand to whip up a healthy meal or snack.

The Rebellious Wellness Smart Shopper’s Guide

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