Round Up — The Future of Marketing

Algorithms change and once-hot ideas are incinerated — think Myspace, Digg, Friendster, and Orkut. Marketing is, at first, an experiment — then you find something that works and run with it. Sooner or later it will be time to shake things up. Maybe that time is now for your business.

Successful marketing relies on you knowing your ideal client — well, knowing what they want or need, and letting them know you’ve got it. Regardless of how small your marketing budget is,putting a simple plan in place is critical. In early January I’ll be hosting a marketing plan master class for those who need some direction. Details to come.

This month’s round-up is designed to give you new ideas, to see what the experts are predicting will be hot — and what’s still a sure bet.

First a few data points I find fascinating.

If you are in retail and have a mobile platform, you should check your load times on mobile devices“For every one second delay in mobile page load, conversions can fall by up to 20%.2″—   GOOGLE/SOASTA, “The state of online retail performance.” April 2017

We know video is hot — and I keep wishing it was not — it’s only getting hotter. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, “by 2019, 80 percent of all global internet traffic will come from video.”
That translates into video ads, infotainer videos, and lives on FB and Instagram.

Got content?

According to the HubSpot behavior survey, internet users want to see more social posts, news articles, and video“Not long ago, podcasts and blogs dominated the content world. Now, consumers say they would prefer online courses, research content, and interactive tools. Prediction: The smaller the screen, the larger the audience.”

If you’ve been wanting to create that online course as a way to scale, 2019 is a good time to get it done. Check out my round-up on all things course creation and production.

Mobile rules, whether you provide coaching or soap. Do an audit of your website, and product or lead generation landing pages to ensure they load quickly (see above) and content is formatted properly.

Salesforce, the force to be reckoned with in marketing and sales systems, saysthe future of marketing is contextualand get this, purpose in the next mega-trend“While traditional marketing tells about products and services, purpose-driven marketing is contextual by aligning with conversations our audience cares about past just our products,” says author Mathew Sweezy.

Mark Schaefer, globally-recognized keynote speaker, educator, business consultant, and author takes this further; “We don’t trust brands or companies any more. We trust people and their stories. In the past, our brands were built through an accumulation of advertising impressions. In the future our brands will be created by an accumulation of human impressions.”

How are you connecting with your humans? There’s a fine line between story for story’s sake, creating random content, and engaging your people in ways that touch them — but it’s worth spending time to figure out what that means for your brand.

Help is right here if you struggle to connect, whether from the stage, in your videos, or your overall marketing. My super powers are message and story and I’d be happy to get on the phone to discuss what you struggle with. Here’s my calendar link.

Last bit of news is a list of 35 marketing ideasthat you can choose from if you need a shake-up; something new to add to your marketing mix. They are from ad agency Disruptive Advertising and while their business is not so disruptive, (PPC audits and website analysis,) their list might just have something for you. At the very least watch the Taylor Swift video for “Shake it Off.” The dancing is wild and a bit of ampy music is always welcome during a long slog of marketing planning.

Whatever your marketing dreams and goals for the new year. I wish you success!

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