Coaching: Strategy. Clarity. Mindset.

Gregory Anne CoxMastermind programs can be invaluable.

They can also be a long-term commitment and cost you serious coin.

I’ve ponied up plenty. And learned a ton.

Then one day I realized, I needed some space to work out who I was in my business (And my life).

It was time to do my thing.

For now, I rely on help in the moment, or short-term stints when I have a project or hurdle to deal with.

Maybe the idea of a la carte, one-on-one coaching for an hour, a month, or a half-day of focused attention on your business appeals to you too.

Cool, I got you covered.

Oh, and why trust me? 20+ years as a successful entrepreneur, 15 years as a coach, decades of life experience.


SOS CallWant eyeballs on some copy for a landing page or lead magnet?

Need to vent, reframe, and a plan to get back in the game only stronger?

Need to brainstorm your next big idea?

This call is for anyone who needs expert eyes and ears on what they are dealing with and they need it sorted now.

Book an SOS call. It’s 60 minutes of laser coaching.


(Once you purchase your call you’ll receive a email with all the details and a link to my calendar to book your call.)

30-DAY INTENSIVEThis is best for the person who has project paralysis or day-to-day overwhelm.

I will:

  • Assess your situation
  • Sort it into neat manageable buckets
  • Get milestones on a timeline
  • Ensure that each task you are doing is maximizing profitability and sanity

And, I’ll be holding you accountable day to day.

(Once you have purchased your month you’ll get an email with a link to an intake form and a calendar link to book your kick-off call.)

Brain LabMessagemarketingmindset and sales are the foundation of a successful business. If one of those pieces is broken, well, you know what they say about only as strong as the weakest link

Virtual or in person, this is 4 hours of my brain and intuition, ears and eyes on you: your copy, marketing plan,message across all platformswhatever needs attention most.

We will unearth what wants to be heard, seen, and experienced by you and your ideal people. You will walk away with clarity, a plan, new resources, and concrete steps to take to achieve what you are looking to accomplish.

(Before any money changes hands I want to be sure this is the best option for you. Click the button below and get started.)



What Clients Say

I hired Greg to help me move my business out of hobby
mode and into real deal. I was blown away by her
commitment to my success and her knowledge about sales
and business growth. We sorted out products, offers,
pricing, and the habits I needed to become successful!