Copywriting and Copy Rehab

Copy WritingDo you love to write?


Well, join the ranks of thousands of otherwise smart, super creative coaches, world changers, and others in the business of personal development.

Speaking about your work and how it changes lives is easy.

Writing it clearly so you move people to act is hard.

Love to write but don’t have time?

You are in good company with just about everyone.

Well, not me. Writing, researching, and crafting copy that gets results is what I spend my time on. I do love to write.

And I love, love to collaborate with Big Vision types, people who value integrity, and who ascribe to the “all work and no play makes for less creativity and a bad case of the grumpies” theory. Life is too short to skip playtime.

But first, we work.

Here’s how. Discovery, Alchemy, Delivery.

Step one, Discovery, has two parts. First, using my proprietary questionnaire and some time on the phone, I learn about you, the whole of who you are, your project, your vision, and what you know about your customers or market now. Next, I head out into the ecosystem your business inhabits to glean insights from it, listen to what your ideal peeps say about their aspirations, desires, and problems.

Step 2: Alchemy is where the magic happens. I blend all of the most important bits of information unearthed during discovery–your voice and theirs, your offer and their dreams, your unique and their craving, into copy that connects and converts your audience.

Step 3: Delivery (And happy dance!) I deliver your shiny new, or better than before, copy and we review each element together. Questions are answered; tweaks are implemented. Then we put on our best dance tunes and celebrate. I’ve got many and have been called the human metronome because I move to just about anything but “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas get trotted out regularly.

What Clients Say

Gregory Anne does magic with words. She skillfully
distills my ideas into gems that beautifully capture
my message, but also express me as the messenger.
As a ghostwriter I understand the challenge this
presents and also how essential it is to making the
connection with my audience.

Max Miller


Copy Projects:

  • Sales and Landing pages (for more info head over here)
  • Email nurture sequences
  • Lead magnets (aka Free digital products including ebooks and reports.)
  • Talk crafting
  • Messaging, USPs, taglines
  • About pages
  • Video scripts
  • Copy rehab, aka, optimizing for landing and sales pages, website copy, lead magnets, social profiles, course positioning, course module descriptions


There are three options:

  • A la carte
  • Monthly Retainer
    This is for someone with ongoing writing needs, wants someone on board to write promotions, funnels, optimize existing copy, and marketing direction.
  • All-inclusive launch packages include a funnel map, the landing page(s), and the email sequence(s).

I’m not the right copywriter for everyone (and I hope you won’t hold The Black Eyed Peas against me if you’re more of club or country music type) but then again, I might be exactly the right person to help you put your vision and mission into words that wow and move people to action.

If you want to find out if we’re a fit, I have a few questions. I promise to keep it short. If I feel we’re a match I’ll reach out asap — 1 to 2 business days max to schedule a call, phone or zoom, (your choice) to discuss what you’re looking for.

Take Me to the Questions