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Online-Copy-AssessmentA landing page has one job and one job only — to get people to take action.

Like join your summit, enter your contest, buy your book, get to know your product or service, sign up for your awesome communications, or fill your virtual event.

Landing pages are often the first step on the way to making sales.

Sales = good.

Money = important.

And wasting money is oh-so frustrating.  But if you are spending money driving traffic to a page that doesn’t convert — or don’t want to be that person here are the two elements you have to get right:

            Traffic and Copy

If you’ve drilled down on who needs or wants what you offer, aka the right traffic, you’ve got it half right.

If the copy on the page they land on does not speak to their problem, address their objections, and let them know you are the best solution to their problem, well, sadness, your brilliant offer goes nowhere.

And that money you were counting on? Someone else is counting it.

The copy on your page must be relevant, engaging, educational, or entertaining. And copy that converts is based on research, psychology, and experience writing conversion copy.

Whether you need a shiny, new, conversion machine, aka opt-in or lead capture page…

….you’ve got a page you DIY’d (or paid someone else to write) but your leads are leaving before taking actionSad Face


you want to pump up the conversion rate on an existing one…

Scroll through the landing page copy writing and design options below to find the solution to your opt-in page woes.

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I just need copy for my landing page
Copy for Landing PageThis is for you if you’ve got an upcoming event or promotion, have someone to design the page(s) and simply need copy.

This package includes:

  • A questionnaire to clarify the purpose of the page and who you are looking to attract
  • 20-minute call to discuss
  • Up to 500 words of copy
  • 3 revisions
  • Unlimited email

Turnaround time depends on what you give me, but usually 7 – 10 days

$197 – $597*

(*The price will be determined on what kind of opt-in it is: challenge, webinar, or longer landing page with lead magnet.)

You will walk away with copy that sounds like you, designed to connect and convert, as well as a suggested layout.

Landing Page Copy + Design
Landing Page Copy + DesignIncludes all of the above plus:

  • hero shot or header
  • opt-in box with the right call to action
  • all the elements of a branded landing page that converts

Like this short one

Or this longer one, good for events and webinars


Landing Page Review
Landing Page Review This is for you if you’ve got a landing page* and it’s not getting you the conversions you want and you are done trying to figure it out on your own.

This package includes:

  • A 30-45 minute, video review of your current strategy to get conversions, how well your layout and copy move the person from point A to point opt-in, a critique of your headline, body copy, call(s) to action, all designed to boost that critical conversion rate.
  • 30-minute call where I’ll walk you through the video and answer any of your questions.

Does not include copy writing from scratch, though you will get at least one rewrite of a key element and easy-to-use suggestions on rewording for a more targeted message.

Turnaround time is usually 7 days, but let me know if you need it sooner.


(*Does not include long form sales pages.)

Landing page Review and Rehab
Landing Page Review & Rehab This is for you if you can get traffic to your landing page*, but your visitors bounce rather than take action, or you think you are missing people but are not sure why.

Review and Rehab includes everything in the Review package plus:

  • I will optimize your copy, your layout, and anything on the page that doesn’t inspire a “yes.”
  • I will build on your copy and add or take away anything that doesn’t move the needle on conversions.


(*Does not include long form sales pages. If you have one of those, send me an email with a few details and or a link to the page and I’ll get back to you with a price and next steps.)




What Clients Say

I have now hired Greg more than once.
First, she helped develop my tele-summit landing page.
She works fast and easy to work with.
She wrote the copy and helped me strategize what to put where for conversion.
Best of all, we got a 40% conversion rate on the landing page!