A great big thanks!


(What’s going on in my head right now)

I’m not gonna lie, I still get excited every time I have the opportunity to provide my services to someone. I love seeing people’s creativity at work in the world and helping them awesome-ize the marketing parts.

Here’s what you get to do before I can do my thing.

Website Audit

  • Use this link to connect you to a short questionnaire designed to introduce me to your online salesperson. You’ll find questions like, “what is the goal of your site?” and “Who is your ideal prospect?” It’s not a lot of work, but the more detailed you can be the better results I can give you.
  • If you’ve never thought about the “why” of your site, you might want to read this article from my blog, “Why does your website exist?” It might help you get clear, which will in turn help me ensure that “why” is translated on the pages.

Once you’re done with that, I’ll get to work reviewing your site with your answers in mind. Then I’ll turn on the camera and get to work highlighting things that I know are working and not working, based on what you are looking for the site to do.

(Most people are looking to get subscribers to their email list, but not all.)

Within 72 hours I’ll send you an email with a link to a file with your video, the transcript, a bulleted list of main points and a calendar link for you to schedule your 20-minute Q & A call.

Boo-ya and Hell Yeah, let’s get to it!