Should you fire your website?


Website Audit

Imagine you’re talking to a potential client.

A new one.

Someone who’s coming to you because they need help getting from where they are to where they want to be.

Which is great, because that’s exactly what you do.

You set up a call, hop on zoom, and tell them all about the wonderful things you can do for them.

Contracts are signed, glasses are clinked, transformation happens.

Problem is… That’s now how things work.

See, nowadays, people want to to know you’re right for them BEFORE they book a call. #TooManyZoomCalls

So that whole process we just laid out?

Your website has to do that for you.

Website Storefront

Your website needs to be the best salesperson.

Let’s be honest, your website is probably your ONLY salesperson.

And waddaya do if a salesperson isn’t doing their job?

  • You fire them
  • You retrain them

Now, I realize you’ve probably paid a lot of money for your site, or *gasp* done it yourself,  so let’s not get cray-cray. Table A for a minute. Let’s focus on B.

You’re not training a salesperson. You’re writing a website.

And even if you’re the best coach in the world, you may not know all the ins and outs of how to write something that’s almost guaranteed to convert.

Because writing a website is different from writing a blog or an email. And you’re not a copy and conversion expert.

But I am.



In just 45 minutes, I’ll show you what’s working well and what can be improved to attract and convert your ideal customer, all day, every day. Because the Google never sleeps.

Here’s how the website copy review works:

  1. Pre call questionnaire lets me inside your head and your website’s mission
  2. Video recording of me sleuthing through 3 pages of your site looking for:

On Brand language, copy that engages your ideal client, visuals, flow, powerful CTAs, making suggestions as I go:

  1. Transcript of the video
  2. 20-minute call to ask your questions
The website copy reality check gives you what you need to make changes that will move more of your ideal prospects from Hello to Hell Yeah!

And unlike training a new salesman, this doesn’t cost thousands and thousands of dollars. It doesn’t take days upon days. In fact, it only takes 45 minutes.

And we can remove several zeros from the price.

Because a website copy reality check is only $297! (<– not a typo)

So now, you’re wondering… how the heck does a website copy audit work?

Answer: Really well.

You don’t have to know the why of it all — just like your clients don’t necessarily know all the details of how you work. Just trust that I’ll discover what’s working for you (and what’s not), so you get the results you need to do more of the work you love. And make a $hit-ton of money.

What Clients Say

I have now hired Greg more than once.
First, she helped develop my tele-summit landing page.
She works fast and easy to work with.
She wrote the copy and helped me strategize what to put where for conversion.
Best of all, we got a 40% conversion rate on the landing page!

We are not meeting potential clients over rubbery cheese and bad wine like the good old days.

Everyone is online searching for EVERYTHING.

And for someone just like YOU.

You owe it to yourself to invest that money you saved on said rubbery cheese transforming your website into an online ambassador that positions you as the ONE.