Gregory Anne Cox

“The world is awash in market-y, gobbledygook, mean-nothing words and phrases, and I’m on a mission to change that,” says Gregory Anne.

Greg is known for taking a hard stand against conventional wisdom when it’s worn out and not applicable to the world we live in.

In order to stand out in the marketplace, a brand or individual must tap into their uniqueness. She brings unique exercises in creativity to your group to help them break out of marketing mind, guru speaking, and corporate jargon.

When your speaking message, verbal branding, or online marketing needs a kick in the pants, Greg will bring it — and the jelly beans.

Jelly beans have a powerful way of teasing out unexpected ideas.

Whether working privately with brands in launch mode or spicing up the stories and marketing for established companies and entrepreneurs, Gregory Anne not only has a way with words; she has a way with audiences who need new ideas, a new ways of thinking, or a new way of looking at their current way of reaching and connecting with customers.

Gregory Anne is straight talking, humorous, and smart about what makes a message stand out, a story connect, and a marketing strategy work.

She does not peddle marketing advice for the masses. Rather she speaks to your people about speaking to people whether online or off, on stage or on the phone. Powerful conversations are what engage and hold people’s attention; Greg’s talks and workshops are like powerful conversations.

Some talk topics:

  • You Are Not A Squid: How To Avoid Being unhearable and squishy when talking about your business
  • Sales is Simply A Conversation: The 5 key elements of a successful one and why “No” is a perfectly acceptable answer
  • Tactics without Strategy is Like Playing the Slots: You Will Get Lucky Once in Awhile

“Gregory Anne is not only inspirational and motivational in her presentations. She has a flair for humor which allows the audience to feel comfortable and at ease. Workshop feedback is always excellent and she leaves audiences wanting more!”

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Looking for a professional speaker who can educate, and entertain? Your audience will leave with practical tips to improve their marketing, messaging, or use of marketing, story, so that they can better connect with their audiences.

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