Are You BAD at Sales?

If you said “Yes!” you are in good company.

If you said “No” but you aren’t making the money you want, you need a bit of truth.

Sales ConversionsSales = clients or products sold = transformation for the buyer.
Sales = you make money and hopefully the amount of money you need, (if you are charging what you’re worth, but that’s a subject for another call.)
Sales = the fuel your business runs on and it’s a learned skill not something the lucky few success stories came in with.

On Saturday June 25th at 4 pm EDT
I’m sharing The Sales Conversation in 5 Easy-to-Learn Steps AND the one thing you must have so you can connect with the right people for your work so the sale becomes easy.

What the heck do you know about this stuff, Greg?
  • I’ve been working as an entrepreneur for 16 years, and without sales I’d have gone back to the world of W-2 long ago.
  • I see too many entrepreneurs struggling to make it, and I have been there. This limits how we live, how much we do, and whether or not we can reach all the people we want.

Closing SalesI am not a natural sales person. I had to learn, and hate it, and be bad at it, but one thing I couldn’t do was quit. I stuck with it and studied with some of the top earners in our industry — like David Neagle, Suzanne Evans, Bill Baren, and others who are experts but whose names you won’t know — I cracked the code.

And because I’m the rebel.

Yes I teach people how to age well, look and feel their best, but I also coach for other people on sales and marketing. I’ve had an arm of my business called Wealthy Wellness Coach that I shut down only because I thought I had to do one thing — health or the other — marketing and sales. Turns out they go hand in hand. Oh, and another reason you might want to join me? You might remember back in January I said I was going to diversify my business. I’m also a strategist, working behind the scenes on the big launches you see in emails and in FB ads.


Whether you are closing at 75% or 10%, this call will up-level some aspect of what you are doing now — I promise. On this webinar we’ll cover the 5 stages of a sale and by the end of the call, if you practice the tips I give you, I promise you will increase your conversions. And nothing feels better than the “Yes,” (although, you’ll learn to love the No’s too.)

There will not be a recording, but if enough people can’t make it on Thursday I will do a live replay.

Be there, get more clients!

Join me on Saturday, June 25th at 4 pm EDT
and bring your questions!

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