A few very important questions for anyone who has a business that relies on customers or clients for revenue…

Is your message clear?

Does it easily communicate what you do, how you do it, and for whom?

Does it set you apart from the competition…?

Maybe the most important question of all...

Does your message make you money?

Not having a clear message that speaks the language of your ideal client makes it harder to get the right leads.

You do know your client avatar intimately, don’t you?

Without the right leads, you waste time you are already short on talking to folks or targeted ads at those who will likely never buy from you!

If there was a proven, step-by-step blueprint:

  • for crafting a message that connects and converts
  • that eliminates the ways that don’t work to attract the perfect leads
  • and made you sound like the smartest business in the room next time you go networking…

Would you ditch the squishy language you are using now, the way that isn’t working, and commit to learning and using the steps in the blueprint instead?

Was that a “hell yeah” I heard? Amen to that, you’d be crazy not to.

There are an estimated 9 million women owned businesses in the US, according to Entrepreneur magazine online. When you say “I work with women entrepreneurs,” your chances of reeling in your ideal client is slim but hey, at least you’re fishing.

The bigger the pool, the harder it is to attract the right clients/buyers.

Likewise if part of your pitch sounds like, “I work with women who have lost their purpose and passion,” you could be speaking to half the population!

The sad truth is, many of the businesses trying to survive, whether online or bricks and mortar, never take courses in communication — they just launch and talk it up. In the early days we run on adrenaline and enthusiasm.

We own a business and we are awesome!

Days go by, the reality of all there is to do and how hard it is to get clients replaces enthusiasm.

“Why won’t anyone say “yes” when what I do is so awesome???”

Break-even feels like a win. And it’s a win in the beginning, but it’s neither sustainable nor the reason we go into business.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You started your coaching/photography/healer/consultant business because you are unemployable or you had to break free from the cube farm you slaved in for years. You thought you’d make your own schedule, take vacations when you wanted, and finally be able to buy that house/car/kids education at the best school.

You are brilliant.

You provide value.

Those who have worked with you or bought your shizzle love you forevah.

So why aren’t you making all the money you want?

Your words.

The way you say what you say about what you do.

How you sell your services or products when you do get to have a sales call.


They do not do the job of setting you apart and showing that right person how your work or thing will change their lives.

Yes, Change. Their. Lives.

Even a simple bar of soap or your “how to tap into the magic” blueprint has the power to change lives. Never underestimate the importance of what you do.

You are disconnected from what you say because you know it’s not quite right.

And they feel it. You’ve been on the other end of one of those conversations when the seller is not confident, the offer is confusing, and as much as you want the person to succeed you just know there is someone else out there offering something similar, and whose confidence tells you they will do a better job.

That might not be the case, but it’s what we are left feeling.

And people buy with emotion, not logic.

This is what it sounds like after one of those conversations... “How interesting” or “That’s cool, did you see that thing on Facebook today?”

Missed opportunity #3,454.

And counting.

Powerful words and a clear idea of whom you serve are the keys to the kingdom.

Well, not the whole set of keys, but the two that get you in the front gate and over the moat to the castle door.

Getting an appointment to see someone inside the castle is for another day.

Right now, I want you to thoughtfully answer this question: How could my business change in the next 60 days if I had a powerful message and was totally connected to all of my brilliance?”

Ok good. Now answer this one: “If I do nothing to change my weak and ineffective message, what will be different in my business in the next 60 days?”

Right, then. I’ve got just the thing that can change all of that.

Powerful Words

"...A clear, targeted messaged to potential clients..."

"Greg was amazing at taking my squishy ideas for
 marketing the launch of my workshop and turning them
 into a clear, targeted messaged to potential clients!"

Alida Zweidler-McKay


​ZM Coach

The Better Message Lab

The Better Message Lab

A done-with-you 4-week group training experience. The done-with-you part means I’ll be working alongside of you during our 2 co-working sessions. Plus each live content session allows time for Q & A. This means you learn, clarify, do the homework, post it in our private FB group for feedback from me, come back and learn some more.

And why do I call it an experience? Because this is not a sit there and take notes only kind of training. You’ll get to play with your words — almost as fun as playing with your food — live on zoom (if you are a brave soul). There is no better practice for the front of that networking room than practicing your pitch with your coach.

The Better Message Lab is for anyone who needs to make their messages — online and in person — more powerful, more capable, more authentic so that you connect with the right people and move them to action.

Here’s what the Lab consists of...

Week 1

Squishy language and why it’s easy to speak squid

The world is full of same old marketing speak adopted by too many well meaning business owners — it’s an epidemic! There are 2 main reasons why. You’ll learn them and then learn what to do to not be that guy or gal who sounds like everyone else.

  • check
    How to determine what you really do for people
  • check
    How to tap into what makes you unique so you can use it in your messaging
  • check
    How not to bore people or put their brains to sleep

Week 2
The non-negotiable components of a pitch

Every pitch whether 30-seconds, 1, 2 or 5 minutes, on video or on a landing page has must-include elements       or you will miss out on converting readers and listeners to leads.

  • check
    Why you can’t start with “Hi, I’m Mary Connor and "I’m a”
  • check
    How to let those ideal clients in the room know you are their solution
  • check
    What you must include anytime you speak or talk about your business, even one-on-one

Week 3
Has 2 sessions: March 26 and March 28

Session 1: March 26th — Live

We’ll meet on Zoom as usual but instead of content, each participant will have an opportunity to deliver their 30-second and 1-minute pitches. I will coach you on the spot.

Session 2: March 28th — The 29-question, deep dive, avatar builder

Your ideal client is much more than his/her age, relationship status, and income. Do you know why they would buy from you? What would prevent them from buying from you? Answer these and the other 20+ questions to prepare you to navigate your way to marketing and sales success

  • check
    The difference between psychographics and demographics
  • ​What problems do you solve for them?
  • What are their habits, hobbies, and hangouts?
  • Why wouldn’t they buy from you; what to do now that you know?

Week 4
Brand Voice and Bios

You’ve done a ton of work by now on your message, your people, their objections, and more. Now it’s time to talk about the voice of your brand.

  • check
    What is brand voice exactly and why does it matter?
  • Work through my brand voice templatizer and get clear on your speaking and writing style.
  • Just say No to boring bios — the elements that make it memorable or at least interesting and functional for the many places you will need it.
  • Wrap party — The ultimate Q & A before I send you off to slay some competition dragons.

At the end of 4 weeks you will have a polished and perfected, client-attracting message with enough variations to ready you for any marketing situation. You’ll know who you are for them and who “they” are in depth. You’ll have an understanding about how they inform all of your marketing, products, and service creation so that you don’t waste time and money winging it.

You’ll be smarter and more agile at handling objections and getting the sale.

Have you ever wished you could hire an expert copywriter to work with you in real time to write and perfect your answer to “So, what do you do?”

Many people do, but never seriously consider it because they assume it will cost too much.

And sometimes it does.

But not today.

Because I’m committed to offering my skills to smaller businesses and bootstrapping solo-preneurs at an affordable price — and that’s why I created the Better Message Lab.

It’s for people like you who know they need help with the foundational pieces of marketing: a clear concise message and avatar, understanding of brand voice and identifying yours, and a bio that people will read.

"Run, don’t walk, to work with her!"

"I’ve worked with Greg over the years in several capacities, but most recently, on my marketing strategy as a writer. We’re both writers and do marketing for clients, but it’s impossible to do this stuff for yourself.

Greg helped me gain so much clarity about my own marketing positioning and my copy. She’s a great writer and an amazing editor who finally got me to understand how I could still infuse my story into what I wrote but with the right balance. She pulls no punches and tells it like it is, which is my delivery preference. Since working with Greg, my website is done and I love it, my writing has improved along with my confidence. Run, don’t walk, to work with her!"

Susan Jacobs

Susan Jacobs


The Lab starts on March 12th, 2019 at 4pm ET and runs through the April 2nd.

Each content session is one hour and our co-working session will go as long as needs be to get each person’s pitch perfected. (I'm guessing no more than 90-minutes.)

In addition to our 4 sessions you will receive:

  • Templates for crafting 3 different variations of your message
  • My 27 or so Deep Dive Avatar Builder Questions
  • Brand Voice worksheet
  • How to (and not to) write a bio that tells them what they need to know

One last thing:

for the first 5 of you who join….

Website Home Page and About Page review

These are the 2 pages that count the most when it comes engagement and converting people to your list or services. This will be delivered in video format and include a written report with suggestions to improve what you've got. (Value $297)

The Better Message Better Guarantee

If after the first session ends you feel you’ve joined the wrong program,
send an email to message@bemoremarketable.com. Ill refund your money, no questions asked.


"We got a 40% conversion rate on the landing page!"

"I have now hired Greg more than once for copy and marketing strategy needs. First she helped develop my tele-summit landing page and my experience working with her was amazing! She is fast and easy to work with. She wrote the copy and helped me strategize what to put where for conversion. Best of all, we got a 40% conversion rate on the landing page!

Since then she worked to co-create my new website which I absolutely love and it works — visitors are engaged!"

Tara Wilder

Tara Wilder


1 Easy Payment



Here’s why you need to join the Better Message Lab today:

Once I close the offer — March 12 — you’ll miss out on a ​

a chance to finally get clear on who you are for people, what you really do, get intimate with who you do it for and why they want what you offer, a bio that doesn’t bore people, and a wealth of useful other ideas to use in your marketing because that’s how I run my classes.

Oh, and you’ll miss the opportunity to have me work with you on your pitches — something I charge a pretty penny for outside of group programs.

But the biggest reason to say “yes” now is this…

Squishy language moves no one and we want people to move!

Your ability to engage the right people is your bread and butter in business but if you can’t speak their language and deliver a clear, compelling reason why they should choose you over the other 900 businesses that do what you do, well, nothing happens and revenue is not guaranteed.

Time and money objections are real, and yet, we always find time and money for the things that matter. How important is your success? Does it matter if you succeed? It matters to the people only you can serve. What about them?

Plenty of business owners reading this will stay comfortable and keep trying to figure it out on their own. Since you’ve read this far, I know you are aware you need help, a stronger message, a way to reach those people whose lives will transform because of what you offer.

Some part of you must be in agreement that what you say right now is unclear or not as good as it could be.

One last good reason to get in on the Better Message Lab while you can….

You will never have to wonder what you really do or for whom. You’ll be able to stand in front of any crowd or have a conversation with anyone and confidently tell them about your brilliance. You will be clear. You will convert. You will have confidence and I guarantee, confidence sells.​

Let’s do this!

1 Easy Payment



The Better Message Better Guarantee

If after the first session ends you feel you’ve joined the wrong program,
send an email to message@bemoremarketable.com. Ill refund your money, no questions asked.

Gregory Anne

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