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In order to stand out, you have to know what you really do for your people and what makes you different.

This free 3-day, message makeover audio workshop will show you exactly how to do that and more.

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Squishy Language

The End of Squishy Language

A FREE Virtual Mini-Workshop designed to teach you how to craft a message that separates you from all of the others who do what you do

Want to know the secret to magnetically attracting more clients or customers?

Here it is: Stop speaking like a squid!

Have you ever wondered why you are not growing your business more quickly despite all the marketing you do?

Using weak words, words that lack meaning, squishy dime-a-dozen phrases with no backbone makes you about as effective as a Squid... not very powerful or engaging.

Own Your Unique

The ability to communicate what we do clearly to the people most likely to need it has a dramatic effect on our success.

Yet many entrepreneurs, coaches, and freelancers of all stripes unknowingly use “squishy” squid-like language that sabotages their efforts to stand out and pull people in.

Wouldn’t it be great if, when you told people what you do, they were fascinated and couldn’t wait to hear more?

Let me show you the simple change to make in your message to do business with you... it’s easy if you know how!

This isn’t a “do what I say” program. I'm not going to just show you WHAT to do, I'm going to show you HOW to do it!

This 3-Day Mini Audio Workshop Reveals:

  • Why squishy marketing will never lead you to ideal clients – and how to avoid channeling your inner squid
  • How to ditch the top 5 words and phrases that make people stop listening and what to say instead
  • Ways to craft juicy, irresistible language for every aspect of your messaging that gets prospects excited to learn more about what you do
  • Ways to ROCK your marketing with authenticity so you stand out in the sea of competitors
  • Easily identify where your ideal clients are so you can serve tons more clients

You’ll get templates and lots of examples you can borrow - plug in your words and start connecting like never before.

Many Business Professionals Have Used This Mini Audio Workshop With Incredible Results...And You Can, Too!

Whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, you can benefit from the proven strategies in this audio workshop.


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