There’s a lot on the line when it comes to lead generation…

  • According to “It takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website.”
  • says that “A 1 sec delay in landing page loading reduces conversions by 7%.”
  • Over at I learned that 53.49% of emails sent classified as spam

We juggle, we change hats, we fret about the stats, and we do our best to figure this stuff out.

Some will pay an expert to come in and divine the problem, offer solutions.

Some prefer to spend many rabbit-hole hours in Google-world.

And while I love getting hired, I also love giving back. So I’m running a contest to be the set of expert eyes on your:

  • Website
  • Landing (Opt-in) page or sales page
  • Welcome email and first 2 follow up emails

In the form of a full-on review.

This is not a dumbed-down version of the reviews I sell. It’s the full monty, (well, without the naked men, sorry.)

Each review will include:

  • A 45 – 60 minute recorded video review
  • Transcript
  • Recommended copy for one key area — could be a title and tagline for a free offer, the headline and intro copy on a web page, improving an About page, a welcome email, etc.
  • 30-minute live Q & A — come prepared with questions about what I’ve suggested and we’ll finish up with next steps

Here is the small print:

  • You have to already have these items in place — if you win, I want to get to work asap.
  • You will have to answer some questions about your ideal client/market.
  • This is not a review of copy you are working on. If it’s an email review, I will subscribe to your thing so I can experience the opt-in to the first email. You’ll send me the next 2 as screenshots. Landing or sales page must be built but need not be live.
  • You may enter once for one type of review.

All you have to do is choose one option below by clicking the radio button next to the item you want reviewed, (website, landing (opt-in) page or sales page, welcome email sequence.)

Once you enter you’ll receive an email confirming your entry in the correct category. There is nothing else to do until I announce the winners. (Well, there is plenty to do, we’re running businesses damn it; it just doesn’t have to do with this contest.)

Contest ends on: October 23 at 10pm ET.

On October 24th, I am going to separate all entries according to items, number them, then have my assistant pick the winners.

Sales, building a following, and reaching your people all depend on engagement.

And engagement depends on clear messaging, user-friendly design, meaningful content and conversations. If you’re looking to boost engagement or conversions but not sure where to start, enter the contest for better results.

Ok Greg, I’m rolling the dice for a review of my: