Winging it isn’t the same as soaring

Be PreparedWhy so down on strategy?

Why so loathe to do the work to shape a few tactics into a plan?

Because the fun factor is powerful. As in, “FB Live is soooo much fun!”

“Instagram! I’m building a tribe and I have so many likes and comments.”

And how much money is that putting in your bank account?

Everyone has someone telling them, or selling them on the idea that they should be doing FB ads, Instagram ads, FB lives, blogging, vlogging, and on and on and on na na na na na na.

What happens with a one-trick marketing pony on parade is that when it doesn’t work you decide it was a stupid idea, you were stupid and don’t get it, or the whole marketing thing is overrated. And stoopid.

Here’s some truth.

All kinds of tactics, tips, and tools can work for you if they are the right thing for your business right now and are part of Team Strategy. It’s what fills your pipeline with prospects and if you can sell, puts money in the bank.

One more bit of truth.

If you don’t know whom you want to attract — I mean really know, down to the kind of pedicure he or she prefers; spa or in and out in 20 minutes — you can throw a tactic at the wall of the world and you’ll get lucky now and then. Just like rolling the dice, sometimes you do and most often you lose.

Strategy starts with the question“What do I want to accomplish?” Someone with a small list might want to increase subscribers. One strategy can incorporate different tactics employed at the right times, all while nurturing the list you do have.

Someone who has written a book and needs buyers has different marketing needs specific to book selling. There are a number of strategies experts in that field recommend. FB Live might be a great channel if their potential readers are on FB, and they will respond to a plea to “meet me on FB, I’m live in 10” at random times of the day.

Creating a strategy and plan to execute it takes more work than watching a tutorial on YouTube then winging your hard-earned time and/or money (or both) out into the ether, hoping you’ll take off.

We’ve already got a lot of work to do. Being strategic will help you soar sooner and stay aloft longer. And that, my friends, means money in the bank.

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