Wisdom from George Kao on ethical marketing

One of the main causes of foul language usage in otherwise ordinarily polite people is hyper-markety email marketing.

In short, too many promotional emails. Would you agree?

There are a few lists I’m on where I know the strategy of the marketer is to mail every day or to mail frequently and blast the hell out of his or her list when offering a product or program. For these businesses I have a folder that captures the emails many or few so I can read them–to learn what they are doing–when it’s convenient.

Then there are email lists I’m on where the content comes once per week, it’s valuable to me, I read it within 24 hours of delivery. Most often these people promote with respect for their usual mailing rhythm. George’s is one of those and I enjoy getting and reading his emails. When he promotes I don’t feel assaulted.

These are two very different styles of getting to success and managing the marketing piece. You could argue for or against either approach. Both ways work. We just have to know who we are selling to then sell it in a way that makes them feel good.

Read what George has to say then let me know how you feel about this.


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